The Office of 学术事务

The Office of 学术事务 is responsible for ensuring the high quality of the college's educational programs, including graduate studies and continuing education. Contact us at 630-637-5353.


We provide the leadership, 资源, and support necessary to ensure sound standards in establishing and administering the curriculum, to hire exceptional faculty and provide support for their teaching, 奖学金, and other professional activities, and to create a stimulating learning environment which allows our students to excel. 


Our collaboration across campus

学术事务 works collaboratively with all members of the campus community in pursuing the mission of the college to prepare students to be informed, 涉及到, principled and productive citizens and leaders over their lifetime.



专业 & 项目

Wherever you are in your lifelong pursuit of knowledge and professional advancement, we have a program for you. We continually add innovative graduate programs, 也, to suit your ambitions for deeper study and specialized careers. 你可以去旅行, 进行研究, 实习生, work and participate in high-impact practices that make the most of your college experience. We welcome you to start exploring.